Privacy Policy is a separate entity that provides honest, authentic, and transparent reviews of Bitcoin casinos. These reviews are based on a thorough analysis and research. Additionally, the privacy policy determines how we use our customers’ data to provide them with a better experience.

What information do we collect?

We collect information related to your email address, IP address, but not limited to these and not more than these as well. We only collect the legally allowed information, and all the accumulated information improves our user’s experience. The cookies are there to make their experience better and help us to provide them with better information based on their choices.

Where do we use this information?

The information we use is to enhance and better the experience of our customers. We use it to check the preferences of our customers and provide them with the best possible solutions and reviews that they most prefer. Few other places where we use the information:

  • To protect and secure the privacy rights
  • If the customer behaves maliciously or tries to incite harmful recommendations on our website. Also, if the person attacks our website for hacking or any fraudulent purposes.

Does anyone else have access to customer information?

Nobody else from our company has access to our customers’ personal information. We ensure that nobody attacks our website in terms of hacking but, if someone accesses your data, we aren’t held liable for the same.

Also, our website content has few external links but, we are not responsible for the content or information you share by clicking on those external links. Those websites don’t have to do anything with the privacy policy of our website.


Cookies are very safe and secure small files that contain information about you and are stored on your web browser or computer. You can deny accepting cookies on your browser. However, this might impact some content. For example, you won’t be able to view certain specific content on our website. Nevertheless, cookies are entirely safe, and they’re present to elevate your experience on websites.