About Us

There are enough reasons why Bitcoins are the best replacement for fiat currencies in the world of gambling. Though a person holds the utmost security by playing anonymously, one must not ignore that various bitcoin casinos are not secured. That’s our primary focus – Ultimate Bitcoin Casinos came into existence to eradicate the common issues people face at bitcoin casinos. While building our website and domain, we underwent research to determine the actual problem people faced with Bitcoin casinos. We found out two issues:

  1. People were confused amongst the varied list of bitcoin casinos
  2. Many believed that Bitcoin casinos don’t provide enormous safety

UBC or Ultimate Bitcoin Casinos bridges the gap between loyal players and great Bitcoin casinos so that nobody faces any issues. UBC provides authentic, honest, and transparent reviews of various bitcoin casinos with live examples. This helps the user to make an empowered decision on their journey with Bitcoin casinos.

Our team comprises early bitcoin and casino enthusiasts who have sailed through each section of bitcoin and casino. By just seeing the outlook of the website, our team of experts can draw a roadmap of its players. Perhaps, we comply with every gambling rule and regulation and provide you with honest answers.

Our motto lies in providing you a provably fair bitcoin casino, which can help you stay anonymous and bring you waves of entertainment. There might be a risk factor entailed with real-money casinos but, bitcoin casinos are the safest. And UBC aids you in understanding the same; all you need to do is – never forget your Private key. Rest assured that your Bitcoin casino experience will be top-class.

How do we select top Bitcoin casinos?

We take many factors into consideration while selecting the best Bitcoin casinos, but we go the extra mile to better your experience. Some of the most imperative factors that we take into consideration are:

We Play anonymously

Our team of experts sign-up at bitcoin casinos and play anonymously to check the games, payout ranges, etc. Rest assured that whatever winnings we receive from playing at these bitcoin casinos are used for updating our website. However, we don’t undergo higher amounts of stake; we only play with the minimum amount to provide you the best and honest casino reviews.

Goodwill & Trustworthiness

We believe that even if a Bitcoin casino has very slight technical glitches, it can be ignored. But, if the site isn’t licensed or trustworthy, it can’t be ignored. We specially make efforts to check against the license mentioned on all Bitcoin casinos. We do this to ensure that no casino is at fault and the trust factor is at par! We thoroughly check for 128-bit SSL encryption technology to protect your privacy. TLS encryption is another great encryption technology that protects the data of customers. If the site has two-factor authentication, it covers extra security, but the above two criteria are sufficient.

Almost all Bitcoin casinos use provably fair mechanisms, and we check that the quality isn’t compromised. We do this to ensure that when a person chooses to reevaluate their performance or results, they get the right answer. Any wrong answer can lead to disappointment and further cancellation of games.

When was Ultimatebitcoincasinos incorporated?

We built our base into the Bitcoin casino industry a decade ago. However, we went online by 2021.

Disclaimer: Though we might earn some money due to Google algorithms and analytics, we do not ADVERTISE ANY BITCOIN CASINO. The reviews that you see on our website are completely honest and transparent because we understand the nerves of punters! Every information provided by us, is based on thorough research and analysis, it doesn’t have any correlation with fiction or any other entity. The reviews can be disliked by few players and Ultimate Bitcoin Casino doesn’t hold any liability against it, as the choice matters.