Top Bitcoin Casinos of 2021

Bitcoin casinos are going to be the future of the gambling industry. The question is how to find the best bitcoin casinos that can offer a secured, safe, provably fair, and excellent gaming experience?

We have done the homework on Bitcoin casinos and selected the best ones by analyzing these factors: bonuses and promotions, game range, customer reviews, payment method, license, and many more. We have mentioned everything that a punter needs to know about bitcoin casinos – so that he/she experiences the best playing time! In short, scroll down to know every bit about bitcoin casino gambling.

Top 7 Bitcoin Casinos of 2021


Bonus on first 4 deposits - Accepts Cardano - Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

Get up to 0.01 BTC and 150 free spins!

2. Goodman Casino

This is probably the Coolest Bitcoin Casino out there. Its a reliable website and we are proud to have them on this list.

€500 WELCOME PACKAGE! + 150 Free Spins

3. Joo Casino

Joo Casino offers bonus for Initial 4 Deposits. It is an established bitcoin casino with verified and timely payment history.

€400 Bonus + 150 Free Spins

4. Vegaz Casino

Accepts players from all over the world and has over 8000+ games.

250% Bonus up to 1,000 €

5. Kingbilly

Accepts Dogecoin - Get 200 free spins

First Deposit Bonus 100% and 200 free spins!

6. Spin Samurai

VIP Program - Accepts Dogecoin - Get 100 free spins

Up to €3000 High Roller Bonus + Free Spins

7. Casino BTC

Bonus on first 5 deposits - Over 1500 games - Live casino

400% up to 1000 mBTC!

Bitcoin Casinos Info

Total Bitcoin Casinos 45
Other Crypto Accepted Yes
Transaction Fee Negligible
Deposit Bonuses Yes
Free Spins Yes
Live Casino Yes

It has been less than two decades since Bitcoin was invented. But its popularity has grown immensely among punters. Many people look forward to playing online casinos with Bitcoin. But, often step back due to a lack of information – regarding where and how to play at a Bitcoin casino. That’s where we come into the picture. We are here to guide you through the best way to set up your crypto account, play at the best bitcoin casino, pros and cons, withdrawal, etc.

Best Bitcoin Casino of 2021

Why choose a Crypto casino?

At the moment, there are many online casinos that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Big casinos such as Betmaster, Betwinner, Bitstarz, and 22Bet offer cryptocurrencies for both deposits and withdrawals. But why should you choose to play at a BTC casino at all? The major reasons why one should choose a crypto casino are listed below:

  • A punter can expect a high amount of privacy while using a Bitcoin casino because no middle party is involved.
  • One can get access to the money within minutes as compared to other payment options.
  • In Bitcoin casino, transactions are anonymous
  • No tax is to be paid for withdrawal
  • Zero or low transaction fee

Bitcoin casinos logo

One can quickly deposit and withdraw Bitcoin without any lag and fear of transactions’ safety. You don’t require to necessarily disclose your details. Perhaps, the above-given scenario is the best example of why more and more people are interested in using bitcoins at online casinos.

A few of the main reasons are listed below:

  1. Anonymity – Bitcoin makes sure that your anonymity is maintained and you remain away from the middle networks or third parties
  2. Fancy bonuses – You get introduced to various casino bonuses which you don’t get in traditional casinos
  3. Secure – Security is the utmost criteria of crypto casinos, and you stay away from malicious and fraudulent transactions
  4. Free from restrictions – There are hardly any restrictions that a punter faces because, with Bitcoin casinos, you only require bitcoin to place bets!

Many countries don’t allow their residents to play at online casinos. In that case, Bitcoin casinos come as relaxation to them. The only thing that a punter needs to adhere to is – how much is he trying to bet on? Are the limits reaching above his financial independence? And is he playing responsibly? These are the few questions that a punter must ask before diving deeper into bitcoin casinos.

Right from choosing the best bitcoin casino to its end users. Our site compiles the list of everything you require to place your bet at bitcoin casinos. Here you go:

Our Criteria for choosing a good Bitcoin casino

Our team has expertise in the online gambling industry for the past few decades. They scrutinize around 40+ factors to come to a definite conclusion. For choosing the best BTC casinos, our team has considered these criteria:

Accept Players from countries

Our primary goal remains that almost every punter worldwide should get access to fantastic bitcoin casinos. Perhaps, the legality comes in the way! Some of the countries have restricted the use of Bitcoin. So, the repercussions are not suitable as residents of those countries cannot play in Bitcoin casinos. Meanwhile, there are various countries where Bitcoins face a contentious situation, and the arguments remain on!

It becomes essential to choose the crypto casinos that accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. Here’s the catch- Use a VPN. Virtual Proxy Network is a great way to place your bets on any online casinos using bitcoin. Primarily, VPN enables you to access the online casinos remotely through random servers. These random servers come from a country where bitcoin casinos aren’t restricted. The VPN is entirely encrypted. Simultaneously, you don’t require to enter your bank details to use Bitcoin as a currency. Thus, your transactions remain anonymous. While using online casinos, a punter might have 0.001 percent risk. But, with bitcoin casinos, all the risks remain forfeited.

Trustworthy and secured

Though bitcoin casinos are the safest mode of playing remotely. But, this doesn’t imply to all the regular casinos present in the market right now. Generally, a bitcoin casino holds the license from Curacao – based on their countries’ license policy. Always look for crypto casinos that have the possible permit or a license. Today, almost everyone is part of the internet and deals in online transactions. Security should be our top priority in that case. A website should use two-step authentication and SSL encryption technology to secure your data and logins.

Payment methods and cryptocurrencies

We understand that a punter might not always use bitcoin as a payment method. Hence, we also look out for the bitcoin casinos that accept other payment methods. Other payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Though a Bitcoin casino uses bitcoin as the payment method, it should also use other cryptocurrencies to maintain a balance. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, other than bitcoin, are:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin

Some of the online casinos have also started using CasinoCoin as their payment method. CasinoCoin is a currency like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – which are digital currencies. A thin line difference between CasinoCoin and other cryptocurrencies is – CasinoCoin is exclusively used for casinos.

Bitcoin Bonuses and Promotions

The best part of bitcoin casinos are – it stands out from regular real-money online casinos. Mostly, the bonuses that bitcoin casinos offer are way too higher than other casinos. There are exclusive sections for punters who transact through bitcoin casinos. They get daily, weekly, or monthly bonuses based on their bitcoin deposit, wagering requirement, and others. A punter must keep on checking the same while placing their bets using bitcoin casinos. Our team of experts has best picked the BTC casinos that offer higher bitcoin bonuses.

Selection of Games

Since the choice of games remains the priority of many punters. We ensure that the bitcoin casinos have all the games required. Some casinos have a pool of table games. While others have most slot games. We choose the bitcoin casinos, which combine all games right from slot to live games. The games should be a mixture of modern and classic games. Some of the most played games at bitcoin casinos are:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Slots
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Live games with dealers
  • Bingo
  • Keno

For punters who love bitcoin slots, we have also chosen a variety of Bitcoin casinos. These bitcoin casinos include fancy slot games like themed slots, cartoons, etc.


A bitcoin casino should have the best user interface – where a punter wouldn’t have to get discouraged due to low page loading speed, etc. The user interface should be straightforward on navigation and UX. Many punters like mobile applications and versions for bitcoin casinos. The casinos in our list support either of these! All of the bitcoin casinos use the industry’s best software provider for great UI and UX.


Bitcoin casinos are known to have an advantage over other casinos because their withdrawals are speedy. A punter gets to withdraw the funds within minutes. Also, no bank details are required – while using bitcoin as a currency. Our team of experts analyzes each crypto online casino based on their withdrawal time, lapse, and other factors.

Live chats/Customer support

Any bitcoin casino doesn’t come with pure perfection. Sometimes, there are minor issues that only customer support can resolve. Our team checks the live chat, call, emails, and other customer support options.

Suppose Joel has made his first deposit. But, he can’t find the bonuses in his account due to some technical glitch. He contacts customer support via chat, and the issue is resolved within 15 minutes!

The above scenario is an excellent example of how customer support should be like; we look into the same.

Provably fair

This is one of the best parts which we like about bitcoin casinos. Provably fair helps you to reevaluate the fairness after the game is over or the result is declared.

A punter usually can’t ascertain the lottery results after it is declared. But, when a bitcoin casino provides tools to re-verify in the public forum, a punter can reevaluate the game’s fairness.

These casinos also post their source codes and algorithms of evaluation or drawing results, making it fairer. In simple words, a punter has access to all the inside mechanisms he requires to know about the games he played. Hence, ensuring fair play.

What is Bitcoin, BTC, and Cryptocurrency?

Before we head forward let’s just take a minute and break up some of the terms we have mentioned in the article. What’s Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and BTC? Let’s find out


Cryptocurrency comes from two words; crypto and currency. You might be aware of currency as a monetary value used as a medium of exchange. Every country has its currency like the US has USD, India has INR, Europe has EUR. Crypto means encryption of data.

Hence, cryptocurrency together means a medium of exchange through a secure and encrypted platform. Unlike coins and paper currencies, cryptocurrency doesn’t have a physical entity. It is 100% original digital currency. It has been prevalent for more than a decade and is based on blockchain technology.


Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency to be used, incorporated in 2009. There are still speculations about Bitcoin’s founder as the group which invented it named itself “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Bitcoin is a digital currency that doesn’t have a physical value. It is not governed by a group of people, organization, or government authority. It is owned by the people who own it. When a person uses bitcoin as a digital currency, no transaction fee or tax is levied. So, all your money comes to your wallet.

The best part of bitcoin is that no middle man like a bank is involved. Also, your identity remains anonymous.

You get a separate digital address after purchasing bitcoin. You can later use the digital address to make further purchases.

Bitcoin is exponentially growing. Many experts have suggested that it might take over the physical currency in 20 years. The market value of bitcoin in 2009 was meager as compared to its value in 2021. Many people invest in bitcoin as they invest in stocks – because bitcoin is on the verge of becoming the new normal!

BTC is the term used to describe Bitcoin like USD is used for US dollars.

Why is bitcoin gaining popularity?

When bitcoin was officially introduced in 2009, many people were reluctant to invest in digital currency. At present, the scenario has changed upside down! More and more people are interested in bitcoin as a digital currency.

According to various reports, many people interested in the stock market are now investing in bitcoin. 2020 was a successful year for all those who had invested in bitcoin earlier in 2013 to 2015. Though the graph went down from 2017 to 2019 – the lockdown year proved to be a relaxation period for bitcoin investors. The Bitcoin chart grew exponentially during the pandemic. More people were interested in digital currency, given the gravity of the COVID-19 situation.

However, the graph of bitcoin has been on a roller coaster ride since its inception. According to the given scenario, Bitcoin would surely take over the fiat currencies.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin

High risk is involved in bitcoin because the graph keeps on fluctuating, something similar to the stock market. Few people consider this fact and don’t invest or use Bitcoin as a digital currency for any bitcoin casino. One should know the pros and cons of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Few are mentioned below:


  • Secured: The transactions in cryptocurrency or Bitcoin remain secured because of blockchain technology. We would not go deeper into blockchain algorithms. But, in simple words, every transaction is recorded. It is put under a public ledger. No hacker or malicious website can either steal or tamper it. The best part we like about bitcoin is that it maintains complete transparency.
  • One currency for all: Either you are a resident of the USA or Europe, you are supposed to transact in the national currency. If a person wants to send money from the USA to Europe, he has to process currency exchange. Fortunately, this is not the scenario with Bitcoin because bitcoin is a global digital currency. No matter from which country you’re using bitcoin because the money would remain the same for all.
  • Anonymous transactions: The transactions that take place in bitcoin or cryptocurrency are entirely anonymous. So, the people don’t remain under the purview of  fraudulent transactions.
  • No third-party: When third parties like banks and other financial institutions are involved, people have to either pay a fee for their transactions. There is no tax on bitcoin, and since it is decentralized, a person doesn’t need any middleman for it.
  • Liquidity and high returns: While other investments require a little time to sell or cash out, bitcoin doesn’t. You can sell or cash out your bitcoin whenever you need money. The transactions are completed over the blink of an eye!

With bitcoin, people can expect high returns.


  • Complex: The whole decentralized economy and bitcoin are complex. Many investors feel reluctant to understand it. Since it doesn’t have a central control, bitcoin is often ignored by people. Jurisdictional and trust issues are also factors.
  • Recovery is impossible: Suppose Norah forgot her bank password. What would Norah do? She would undoubtedly contact her bank operator and generate her new password. Re-generation of the password is not the case with cryptocurrency. Once the private access key is lost, it becomes impossible to log in to your digital wallets. Developers are working on this aspect, but it will take longer than usual to be resolved.
  • It is a long-term investment: Cryptocurrency is subject to market risk. That’s why one should consider it a long-term investment only. But, one can easily make a large amount of money through bitcoin casinos in a short-term period.

Bitcoin wallet

Digital bitcoin wallet logo

You need to store your bitcoins under the software program – known as a bitcoin wallet. Every person who owns a bitcoin wallet is given a secret number or private key. The private key is then used to log in and transact feasibly. You can also refer to a bitcoin wallet as a digital wallet.

There are four significant divisions of bitcoin wallet: desktop, hardware, web, and mobile. The web is the easiest because you can access it from anywhere.

Adding bitcoins to your do-it-all wallets

If you do not have a do-it-all wallet, you might have to go to a cryptocurrency exchange to exchange your currency. There are bitcoin ATMs as well – you can also get bitcoins from those ATMs. The most convenient way of getting bitcoins, playing with them at bitcoin casinos, or even shopping is – bitcoin wallets.

Many bitcoin users spread their bitcoins over more than one wallet – to keep proper track of the same. Below are few simple steps that one requires to add/deposit bitcoins into a bitcoin wallet:

  1. Choose a bitcoin wallet of your choice.
  2. Enter your details like an email address or phone number to register.
  3. Get your private key, and your public key – after registration is done.
  4. Always remember to note your private key because it can’t be retrieved once lost. Don’t share it with anyone – like you don’t share your ATM pin with anyone.
  5. Select the amount you wish to add as bitcoin. You can do it with credit/debit cards or any form of payment.
  6. Once the above process is done, input your public key or wallet address.
  7. You will receive a verification email at your email address for confirmation.
  8. Your bitcoins will come to your wallet.

What is a Bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin casino logo

Bitcoin casinos are those casinos that accept bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as their payment method. Few bitcoin casinos only accept bitcoins as their payment option. While many accept other payment forms like credit cards, different currencies, and bitcoins.

Many punters use bitcoin casinos to retain the same amount of their winnings. Suppose Joel is looking out to withdraw his winnings from a traditional online casino. Will Joel be able to get the exact amount in his bank account?

The answer is no because various bank operators levy a fee during the withdrawal process.

This case doesn’t go on with bitcoin casinos as a punter can easily withdraw and deposit the same amount. As compared to online casinos, bitcoin casinos have more exciting promotions. The best part of the BTC casino is that it lets the user play anonymously. Bitcoin casino is an excellent option for punters who don’t like to reveal their identity or play from a restricted country.

Bitcoin casinos hold all the licenses that a regular online casino holds. Presently, most of the bitcoin casinos have a Curacao Gaming License.

Both the online and bitcoin casinos have marked their niches in the industry, but there are differences. Prime ones are listed below:

Bitcoin Casinos

Online Casinos

Bitcoin is used as a digital currency. Fiat currencies like US dollars are used.
A provably fair mechanism is used, so that the punters have a higher chance of winning. And the game remains unbiased to everyone. A punter can check the details lately. Random number generators are used – which is also a great system to ensure fair gameplay. But, a punter can’t check the details after winning or losing.
One can play anonymously. One can’t play anonymously.
No fee is charged during withdrawal. Most bank operators charge a fee during withdrawal.
Great promotions and bonuses. Bitcoin casinos maintain utmost transparency. Great promotions and bonuses. As compared to bitcoin casinos, transparency remains a little less.

Where can I find the best Bitcoin Casino?

Many bitcoin casinos are available at bettors’ dispense. But, evaluation and selection consume a lot of time and become daunting. Also, many punters get disappointed with the platform; our site doesn’t want that at any given moment.

Our team of experts has enlisted customized guides to cater to all punters’ needs! You can find the details about free testing, reviews of sites, and many more. We choose the top casinos depending on the needs of punters, eliminating the hard work and making it easier on your part.

We recommend punters should always prefer a licensed casino that offers huge bonuses. The above-given feature is one of many factors that a person should look at in bitcoin casinos. Scroll down to learn more about these factors!

How to choose a Bitcoin Casino?

Bitcoin casinos are the first choice of today’s punters as it doesn’t lead you to pay taxes, charges zero-fee, and others. Perhaps, there are various factors that one must look into – before selecting the outstanding casino. Check the following to eliminate the guesswork and play with the best:

  1. Accepts other currencies, including bitcoins:

    A punter would always want to go for a bitcoin casino, which only has bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as their payment method. It is better to choose a bitcoin casino that accepts at least a few more cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Sometimes, when your bitcoin wallet does not work or otherwise, you would have a choice to pay through other payment methods.

  2. Bonuses and Promotions:

    This is the most critical part of any bitcoin casino. Primarily, punters choose bitcoin casinos over online casinos due to heavy bonus amounts. Various bitcoin casinos offer great welcome bonuses and promotions. A person can get from 1 to 5 BTC after depositing or after the first transaction.

  3. Free Spins:

    Many bettors look for free spins in bitcoin casinos. Very few online casinos provide higher free spins but, that’s not the case with bitcoin casinos. One can get higher free spins within significantly less deposit. Free spins also increase the chance of winning a jackpot, and one should indeed consider this factor.

  4. Free bets:

    Bitcoin casinos provide free bets to their customers. You would hardly find any free bets in many online casinos. There are usually two free bets: sports bets or casino bets. Some bitcoin casinos offer you a free bet on registration, while others offer you on first deposit. These free bets come with a term and condition; one should thoroughly read it and then choose. Always look for a low-wagering requirement in free bet. In high-wagering requirements, punters often lose their winning amounts at the end or during withdrawal.

  5. Great UI and UX:

    A bitcoin casino should have an outstanding user interface and user experience. In simple terms, the background and music should be top class, it should be easy to navigate, the page loading speed should be high, and others.

  6. KYC:

    Some online casinos require a lot of time because you need to enter various details. There is a lot of documentation that goes into some online casinos. If the online casinos are restricted in your country, then some of the sites require detailed information. Perhaps, this doesn’t happen with most bitcoin casinos, and you can register, play, withdraw your winnings within no time!

  7. Geo Location:

    Many online casinos are prohibited in various countries. Since bitcoin is accepted in most countries and your identity remains anonymous, a punter can play from anywhere in the world.

  8. Security:

    Bitcoin casinos are more secure than online ones because even if SSL encryption technology is there, your bank account and details are entered into online casinos. Hence, the risk of hackers or fraudulent websites is always there. You don’t come across any specific risk like above in bitcoin casinos as no third party is involved. Everything is done with bitcoin, which ensures higher security.

  9. Provably fair: 

    Almost all casinos, irrespective of online or bitcoin, are fair to play. But, one must not ignore that some casinos have shown biased results to their end customers. With bitcoin casinos, the risk of unfair games is eliminated. Most bitcoin casinos provide fair odds.

  10. Game range:

    Some punters have specific choices like jackpots, while some want to try hands-on every game. For customized needs, our list includes all the bitcoin casinos which offer a complete game range. Some of the most popular games are roulette, dice, sports, jackpots, etc.

  11. Live Chats/Customer Support:

    How much time does a bitcoin casino take to reply? Does a bitcoin casino have a live chat system? Can you call the casino for urgent troubleshooting? How many days does it take for a customer support team to reply to you over email? What is the average response time? These are a few questions that our team of experts looks into the best bitcoin casinos. A punter should definitely also consider them.

  12. Reviews:

    All the reviews can’t be good as there may be inevitable glitches. Looking into more positive reviews and analyzing both – can surely give you a picture of the casino before placing your bets.

How to register at a Bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin casino registration

Once you have found the right choice of bitcoin casino to place your bet, the next step comes out to be registering. But, keep some bitcoins handy through your bitcoin wallet. Most bitcoin casinos follow the same process of registration. Follow these steps to register:

  • Click on the registration button and enter basic details like email address, name, and others. Note – if you don’t want to disclose your identity, you can go for anonymous registration. The site wouldn’t ask for any of your details, and you can register directly.
  • Go to the deposit section.
  • Choose bitcoin from payment options.
  • Read the instructions carefully – because the instructions vary from site to site. Generally, you will find a BTC casino address which you require to paste on your bitcoin wallet.
  • Claim your welcome bonus and free spins, if any.
  • Play the exciting and thrilling games.

Cryptocurrencies accepted at crypto casinos

Apart from bitcoin casinos, there are crypto casinos that accept other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most popular one among all other cryptocurrencies. But, few of them, like Ethereum and others, consistently jump the ladders. The value of cryptocurrencies has doubled and grown over the years. That’s why most of the casinos are turning into crypto casinos.

Below are the most used cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins/BTC:

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Monero

Cryptocurrencies accepted at Bitcoin casino


Ethereum is the second most used cryptocurrency after bitcoins. These currencies are more secured and don’t come with any complications like Ripple. It also hosts a smart contract that enables more security and safety to both customers and casinos. Certain conditions require to be fulfilled; the funds are only issued after the requirements are met.


Litecoin can be addressed as the younger brother of bitcoin because of its functionality. Many iGamers and gambling sites love Litecoin because of its speed. A punter wouldn’t have to wait for even minutes to start placing their bets. Hence, the above-given scenario is one of the reasons why Litecoin has gained popularity. Litecoin also comes with a lesser price than bitcoin. It has marked its presence among other cryptocurrencies. But, it is a little lesser than bitcoin when security is concerned.


The best part about Tether is that a punter wouldn’t have to worry about its value because it remains consistent at $1. Many crypto casinos prefer Tether as it provides them with relaxation in terms of cryptocurrencies’ slowdown. Perhaps, Tether requires proof of identity from the end-users, which can be a drawback for many punters based on restricted areas or countries. The withdrawal with Tether is super easy!

Bitcoin Cash/BCH

Bitcoin Cash helps you to withdraw or deposit in crypto casinos over the blink of an eye, thanks to blockchain technology. The only drawback is that its valuation drops down so quickly, and it gets up fast as well. But, there is a high risk involved, and volatility is even higher.


For punters who don’t want 0.00 percent risk and want complete anonymity, Monero is your call! Monero maintains complete anonymity by being untraceable. Anyone can’t trace it, and the transaction time is also very significant. The only drawback Monero has is – all wallets can’t store it. The best part we like about Monero is its speed, which is found to be better than bitcoin during transactions.

What are the pros and cons of bitcoin casinos?

Bitcoin casino offers complete security and anonymity to punters. There are a few advantages and disadvantages which one must consider before choosing the best amongst the rest!


  1. Anonymous: A punter doesn’t need to reveal his/her identity and enter personal details like email address, phone number, identification cards, etc. The only thing required is the public address and bitcoin wallet. This condition is the most significant advantage that any bitcoin casino has over online or any traditional casino.
  2. The fee levied is nil: With standard brick-and-mortar and online casinos, the fee levied or the tax on withdrawing remains higher. This is not the case with bitcoin casinos, as no fee is charged either on deposit or withdrawal. Perhaps, there are some bitcoin casinos where terms and conditions differ but, they are very few in numbers. Hence, we kept this point under advantage because zero fees are applicable.
  3. Decentralized:  Since bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized, the bitcoin casinos don’t usually have any third party like banks. The bitcoin casinos only have a third party if the transaction is done through other payment modes such as credit cards. When the third party is not there, no risk prevails in deduction of tax or any fee.
  4. Super-fast Deposit and Withdrawal: Sometimes, in online casinos, the withdrawal takes more than five days. That’s not the case with bitcoin casinos, as the withdrawal is made within a few minutes.
  5. Bonuses and Promotions: Though online casinos provide significant bonuses, they can’t compete with the bonuses that bitcoin casinos have. One can get up to 5BTCs as his/her welcome bonus. Most bitcoin casinos have free spins, including free bets for the punters to enjoy their betting.
  6. Safety: Every person that uses the internet today is aware of phishing scams and malicious websites. With bitcoin casinos, a person eliminates the risk of the conditions mentioned above. Not only that, blockchain technology ensures a smooth and secure transaction.
  7. Provably fair: A punter knows in and out of the odds. Generally, in online casinos, it becomes tough to check the game’s fairness once it is over. But, thanks to provably fair as in bitcoin casinos, one can quickly check it.
  8. Demand and Supply: Since bitcoin is in high demand as people earn a lot through it, the value of bitcoin casinos has increased significantly.


  1. Fluctuating value: Bitcoin’s value keeps increasing or decreasing. Hence, one should be completely aware of the situation and withdraw the winnings at the right time.
  2. Local jurisdictions: If your country or state doesn’t allow you to place your bets on either online or bitcoin casinos, then there remains a certain amount of risk. Suppose there is an issue with the bitcoin casino and you aren’t able to withdraw your winnings. Your local jurisdiction wouldn’t help you in this case.
  3. Wagering requirements: Sometimes, the wagering requirements are too high that a punter also loses his winning amount. That’s why it is always recommended to choose a bitcoin casino with lesser wagering requirements.
  4. Private key: If your bitcoin wallet’s private key is lost, you can not get your bitcoins back. Or you can’t access your bitcoin wallet without the presence of a private key.
  5. All casinos don’t accept bitcoins: The number of bitcoin casinos in the world has increased 10X. But, there is still scope for improvement. Many casinos don’t accept cryptocurrencies, and only centralized currencies are accepted.

 Are Bitcoin casinos secure?

Security at Bitcoin Casino

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost all bitcoin casinos are safe and secure. Bitcoin casinos don’t require your bank details or any personal information to be filled in. Hence, the safety remains intact.

With many malicious websites and phishing being on the rise, it becomes challenging for a punter to trust casinos or any digital website. Always check it has HTTPS and the websites with HTTP are generally not secure. If you come across any of the websites having HTTP instead of HTTPS, avoid registering or entering your details.

The bitcoin casinos in our list are licensed and completely secure. We have carried out thorough research for days on each of the bitcoin casinos. You can choose from the list we provide and check for the details mentioned above.

Bitcoin casinos can boast over their security because of the anonymity they provide!

Is it legal to play at Bitcoin casinos?

Is Bitcoin casino legal banner

Yes, if they have a casino license. There are around 80 countries that have legalized online casinos and have earned a high profit through this. Also, bitcoin casinos’ legality is shrouded or blurred across various countries as the governments haven’t come across any decision.

Some countries have set Bitcoin usage and regulated it, while some countries are yet to decide on the same. On the other hand, gambling is legal in some countries, but bitcoin holds a grey area. Hence, it becomes complicated to come to a conclusion and declare anything.

Perhaps, no such gambler who has placed his bet through a bitcoin casino was held legally. However, the security of bitcoin casinos holds an advantageous position over others.

The legality of Bitcoin casinos in USA, Russia, Canada & UK

Below are a brief study of four major countries in terms of bitcoin casinos’ legality:

  • USA: Gambling is legal in eight states of the USA. The state of bitcoin casinos can be termed as legal because anti-money laundering acts apply to cryptocurrencies, and taxes are paid on the same.
  • Canada: Online casinos in Canada are legal, but online casinos outside Canada are considered illegal, according to the latest information. However, cryptocurrencies are permitted, and the profit from these currencies comes under taxable income.
  • United Kingdom: Online gambling in the United Kingdom is legal only if a person is over or above 18 years. According to the reports, bitcoins are also legal in the United Kingdom as it accounts for a capital gains tax.
  • Russia: Gambling is legal in Russia but online gambling faces a grey area. Also, bitcoins are considered legal in Russia by the government but, there are no tax implications to it at present!

However, bitcoins are global currency, and it becomes hard to trace the user. The status of online gambling and bitcoin gambling is still under the grey area, and many punters place their bets at bitcoin casinos for more safety, security, and thrills!

How to deposit at Bitcoin Casino?

Deposit at Bitcoin casino banner

Depositing at bitcoin casinos is the safest because no fraudulent website or hacker could attack it. Many people have claimed bitcoin to be the best currency because each transaction is recorded in the public ledger.

It is straightforward to make a bitcoin casino after you followed the bitcoin wallet’s steps. Below are the steps to make a deposit at a bitcoin casino:

  1. Select the best bitcoin casino of your choice and then log in.
  2. Go to its payment menu.
  3. Select bitcoin as your payment method or cryptocurrency if it is available.
  4. Choose bitcoin as your payment option.
  5. Fill in the amount that you would like to deposit.
  6. Here you go, play your favorite games.

Things to know before making a deposit

Some important points to remember before you make your first payment or payment:

  • Make sure that you avail all the bonuses by going through the terms and conditions.
  • Check out for the wagering requirements and additional information.
  • Check about the reviews of the site – you can refer to our site as well 🙂
  • Many bitcoin casinos have different payment methods like Skrill, Trustly, and others as well.
  • Sometimes, the bonuses are limited with bitcoin casinos that accept many payment methods. But, don’t worry because bitcoin casinos that have the only bitcoin – offer great rewards. Generally, the bonuses for bitcoin casinos accepting cryptocurrencies – are higher than the traditional casino.

Before you make a deposit to any casino, make sure that you have got your virtual coins through the exchange. Also, check for a great bitcoin wallet to store your coins and get the private key and public address. Some bitcoin wallets can connect directly through some exchanges – these are do-it-all wallets. Few casinos allow you to purchase virtual coins directly from them.

Withdrawal from a Bitcoin casino

Withdrawing funds from bitcoin casinos is very easy and takes lesser time as compared to other online casinos. According to reviews, online casinos take up to 5 days to process your withdrawal. But, with bitcoin casinos, it happens instantly.

The bettor needs to ensure that he has fulfilled all the criteria for withdrawal, especially bonus requirements. Sometimes, few punters forget about the wagering requirements to be completed before withdrawing the winnings.

Below are the simple steps for withdrawal:

  1. Go to the payment tab and select withdrawal.
  2. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  3. Woohoo! The site would take lesser time to transfer the amount to your bitcoin wallet.
  4. Check your bitcoin wallet and exchange them into your currencies.

Most bitcoin casinos offer instant withdrawal. Always check for the casinos that don’t take much time for transferring the bitcoins. Few casinos might ask you to re-enter your public address to transfer the bitcoins.

Games at Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casino games

A punter can find different varieties of games at bitcoin casinos. But, most of them will be equal to those you played in online casinos. The only difference would be the payment method. However, dice games like Satoshi Dice or Bitcoin Dice are the most popular ones in bitcoin casinos. They have a particular segment for dice games that you wouldn’t find out in any other casino online or traditional.

Games at bitcoin casinos depend on your choices. If you are questing for gambling or betting sites, then a casino that offers live stream and various sports betting options would be feasible. You should also consider Poker and lottery pages of the responsible sites – to find out variations in betting.

BTC casino game providers

Bitcoin casinos have climbed an extra ladder in terms of providing the best games to their end customers; one of its reasons is the most significant games providers such as:

  • Evolution Gaming: From new to any old player in the online gambling industry, Evolution Gaming is the only name flashed upon your desktop/mobile screens. EVO has marked its presence by providing the best experience in games like Lightning Roulette, Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, etc.
  • VIG: VIG has been an old but prevalent player in the gambling industry, but, as compared to Evolution Gaming, it has gone a little back. Games like blackjack are amongst the top games to be played under VIG.
  • Ezugi: Ezugi’s primary focus remains on countries that don’t speak or prefer English, such as Spain. Live Roulette is the best game that a punter can choose from Ezugi.
  • Vivo Gaming: Vivo is a brand that is popular in the gambling industry and the mobile industry. Vivo’s phones offer the best services to its customers, and punters experience great pleasure with Vivo Gaming.

The games range in bitcoin casinos is growing like anything, and one must select from the best variety.

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots have more bonuses as compared to regular or online casinos. But, the whole slot’s structure and standards don’t differ or deviate from the main league. The main difference apart from the currency in the game’s fairness, and you get more exclusive games in bitcoin casinos.

Like regular casinos, Bitcoin slots also have variations of slots; a few of the most popular ones are mentioned below:

  • 1X3 –  Though it started when slots were gaining popularity, 1X3 remains the primary choice of bettors. You have a single payout line; few symbols can have higher payouts as compared to others. The best classic example could be getting 7:7:7 entirely.
  • 3X5 – 3X5 or 5X3 is the most recent and popular bitcoin slot type. It has a higher number of chances to win, but the payout in regular casinos is more petite than bitcoin casinos.
  • 4X5 – It is very similar to 3X5; the only difference is that it has four horizontal slots. These bitcoin slots offer higher payouts, and you can place your bet multiple times.
  • Cluster pays –Payline is predominantly defined, and you must get some series of numbers in those pay lines to win. However, in cluster pays, four or more symbols should replicate each other to succeed.
  • 2 way – There is no left to right rule that applies to 2 way, and the machines pay accordingly.
  • 243 ways – It only gives left to right, and there remains no payline; you get different combinations to win. Hence, the name completely suits 243 ways.
  • Mega ways – These aren’t limited by anything as you get various attempts and ways to win. A punter usually picks mega ways because it increases the probability of your winnings.
  • Progressive slots – When you don’t win, the slot amount increases. In progressive bitcoin slots, the chances of winning remain the same in the new spin but, your payout or winning amount increases.

Bitcoin slot games are the most popular ones as they offer slots with low investments, anonymity, etc. The most famous bitcoin slots games are Asgard, Valley of the Gods, Tiger’s Claw, and many more. A punter gets free spins in most bitcoin slots, and that’s the best part! To test or to master your skills at slots, punters can even play for free on our site!

Bitcoin Table Games

Though bitcoin slots take around fifty percent share of the bitcoin casino games, table games are nevertheless more minor. If there weren’t any table games, then the traditional and significance of bitcoin casinos would drop slightly. Most bitcoin casinos respect their customers’ choices and provide all sorts of games to suit their requirements.

A few of the most popular bitcoin table games are:

  • Blackjack – Though it is imperative to decide which blackjack table game is the best as every blackjack has its essence and thrill. BTC casinos offer great bonuses with a variation of bitcoin blackjack available like American, European, etc. You also get a free trial to learn first and then start earning by placing real money. With the advent of technology and development, bitcoin blackjack has become very popular.
  • Roulette – With various options available in Roulette, bitcoin table games always offer significant withdrawal limits, bonuses, and VIP packages. A punter can choose among the variations like American Wheels, European Wheels, and others. Always try to check free spins with Roulette because most bitcoin casinos offer lump-sum-free spins.
  • Baccarat – Bitcoin offers bitcoin faucets, which also means that a punter can play for free. This condition doesn’t make you rich overnight or even longer. But, you can use it to master the skills. Bitcoin casinos offer almost all Baccarat variants such as mini-Baccarat, Chemin De Fer, EZ baccarat, etc.
  • Poker – Bitcoin Poker is gaining popularity nowadays because it offers easy and fast withdrawal. It also supported by the best software providers. One can play Poker anonymously. 

Bitcoin Jackpot games

Jackpot games are the favorite of all because you hold the chance of becoming a millionaire overnight! There are various bitcoin jackpots where people have won massive amounts. One of the few examples is of recent where a person won 29 BTC during the lockdown.

Generally, the jackpots are divided into two categories: Fixed and Progressive. In Fixed jackpots, punters win the same or fixed amount of money, regardless of the number of attempts. Whereas in progressive, the prize pool keeps increasing, depending upon the bets and players’ gameplay.

Bitcoin jackpots are rising to fame day by day, and a few of the very famous games are:

  • Mega Moolah –Bitcoin casinos have an excellent place for Mega Moolah, backed by the best software providers like Microgaming. A punter gets a free chance to play at bitcoin casinos. The chances of winning massive amounts are higher, and the best part is anonymity. The person who won 29 BTC didn’t disclose his identity to the public. Can you imagine doing the same?
  • Major Millions – With the five-reel variation becoming popular, the payout being with 15 payline also increases visibility. Many punters have withdrawn massive amounts by playing through Bitcoin Major Millions.
  • Mega Fortune – Mega Fortune is another big name in the whole jackpot deck. One can win massive amounts and lesser investments. Though one can’t find considerable earnings in regular casinos, bitcoin casinos can come to the rescue. Punters have won more significant amounts through Mega Fortune.

Bitcoin Live casinos

Bitcoin live casinos are the new normal; a new addition to the live dealers’ section is seen almost every day. The best part of bitcoin live casinos is that it helps you place bets from anywhere in the world. A punter doesn’t have to be necessarily present at a specific brick-and-mortar casino. Instead, he could experience the real thrill from anywhere. Bitcoin live casinos offer great bonuses and are supported by the industry’s best software providers.

A few of the best live casinos are:

  • Bitcoin Live Roulette – Bitcoin live roulette has two segments: American and European. A punter can place bets using the race track or table. Live dealers are present, and the punters can easily chat with them. Background music and theme remains their utmost priority as it gives the actual casino’s experience.
  • Bitcoin Live Blackjack – If you don’t like the volatility risk, then you can cash out soon. Bitcoin casinos provide various offers to their end customers in terms of bonuses for blackjacks. Multiple players can play at once and enjoy the live gaming fun.
  • Bitcoin Live Baccarat – Speed Baccarat is the most famous bitcoin live baccarat game. One can win huge or lose hugely.  Great software providers like NetENT and Evolution Gaming support them – which provides an incredible experience.
  • Bitcoin Live Poker – Texas Hold ’em is the most popular bitcoin live poker game. Poker has been popular for ages, and with the availability of live poker, it has risen immensely. 
  • Wheel of Fortunes – Wheel of Fortunes comes with high turnarounds and has multiple players involved. This is the most famous brick-and-mortar game.

Bitcoin betting

If one speaks about gambling in general, betting is something that comes to mind. Betting has been the first form of any gambling activity after lotteries. With varied options available to place a bet on, right from cricket to football, punters are more excited to invest more time and money.

Betting gives you returns instantly compared to other gamblings because you bet on a particular tournament or event – which indeed comes with an end date. Whereas, in playing other online games, you get wagering requirements, time to replay, adjust, and others.

Pros with Bitcoin betting

Bitcoin casinos have come up with a sports betting section where punters can easily place their bets upon. A few of the advantages of bitcoin bettings are:

  • Bitcoin casinos offer massive sports betting deposit bonuses which are always higher than regular casinos.
  • Additionally, bettors receive Reload bonuses when they keep on placing bets.
  • There is a high chance of risk as online casinos reject few transactions or deposits. But, in bitcoin casinos, no cases have come up till now.
  • Since bitcoin is a part of blockchain technology and it has a public ledger, bitcoin casinos provide top-notch security.
  • Zero fees or meager fees for the transaction.

Sports that you can bet on at BTC betting sites

The most common sports that people place their bets on – using bitcoin casinos are:

  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • Motorsports
  • eSports
  • Tennis
  • Football

Also, a few bitcoin betting sites offer you the privilege to bet on almost anything on earth. A punter can bet on who would be the next prime minister or president of a particular country? Which musical event would win the battle? And about any trial cases in the courts, such as which person would be found guilty?

People have higher chances of winning in another betting as compared to sports betting. More people talk about the same events and ascertain the correct result even before its declaration. One can win massive amounts of money through any form of bitcoin betting.

10 Best Bitcoin casinos

Best Bitcoin casino banner

Our team of experts has gone through each segment of the bitcoin casinos and selected the top 10 amongst them. Eliminate the hard work and choose from the best to leave the rest:


Beastmaster is not only prevalent for bitcoin casinos but also for 15 cryptocurrencies that it accepts. Established in 2015, it is operated by Reinvent N.V. Betmaster doesn’t only accept payments in cryptocurrencies but also allows other payment methods.

This online casino is entirely secure as it holds a license from the Government of Curacao. It has great software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Igrosoft, and 32 other. Its high-end mobile version and great background offer punters an authentic gaming experience.

Some of its major features include:

  • Welcome bonus is 100% up to €200 or 1 BTC.
  • Variety of games from fruits slots to table games.
  • Crypto games are available.
  • Completely secured with SSL encryption technology.
  • Withdrawal takes a little time for other currencies but, with bitcoin, it happens instantly.
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted are: BTC, ETH, LTC,BNB, BCH,DASH, Doge, XMR, XRP, ADA, NEO, XIN,BSV, ETC and USDT.
  • 4000+ games are available.
  • Customer reviews and customer support team is excellent.

There is no information regarding provably fair, and there is no particular mobile application as well. But, the mobile version works perfectly fine, and the user experience is top-class.


Betwinner has a casino and its own sportsbook and punters who like sports betting; it can be your one-stop-destination! It holds the license of Curacao and has great software providers like NetENT and Microgaming. Punters get multiple banking options along with BTC, and it has a pool of fantastic slot games.

Some salient features of Betwinner:

  • Massive welcome bonus of 100% up to €300.
  • Heavy promotions on a day-to-day basis – you may earn huge in any of its tournaments.
  • They have ten branded software providers for a fantastic gaming experience.
  • Betwinner uses SSL technology to encrypt the users’ data.
  • Huge selection of games, including live and slot games.
  • User-friendly website and mobile application.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, etc.
  • Betwinner operates in 59 languages.
  • Withdrawal time is nominal.
  • Customer support is excellent.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bitstarz has been a critical player during bitcoin casinos’ early periods. It was one of the first bitcoin and cryptocurrencies casinos that carved a niche in the entire gambling industry. DAMA N.V. operates Bitstarz and Curacao licenses itGreat software providers like NetENT support Bitstarz. Though Bitstarz has certain restrictions in few countries, it operates in almost all European and other countries worldwide.

Major features of Bitstarz are:

  • Excellent welcome bonus up to 5 BTC and 205 free spins.
  • Backed by Evolution gaming. It has a varied selection of games like Lightning series, Deal or no Deal Live, etc.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. It also accepts other payment options such as wallets, credit cards, etc.
  • Withdrawals are a bit slow as compared to other bitcoin casinos – but people haven’t faced any issues with bitcoin.
  • An established name in the industry.
  • Great customer service.

True Flip

Many punters know True Flip for the robust games. It is entirely safe and secure. Curacao licenses it. True Flip hosts around 1600+ unique blends of games supported by great software providers. It isn’t provably fair but, no user has faced any bias issues to date.

Features of True Flip are:

  • It offers a welcome bonus of up to 1 BTC, including 150 free spins.
  • They offer regular promotions, and you stand a chance to win massive amounts.
  • True Flip maintains transparency in its KYC program – which is a plus point as compared to other bitcoin casinos.
  • The casino has True Lab that hosts True Flip’s original games. Some of its famous games are Dice, Slots, Jackpots, Red Dog, Monopoly Live, Deal or no Deal Live, etc.
  • Uses SoftSwiss – which ensures that no malicious website attacks the users and check for fair games.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Cardona.
  • Accepts multiple payment options such as credit cards, NeoSurf, etc.
  • Customer service is excellent, and it has a live chat, email, support, and a complaint section.
  • Fast Withdrawal.

Oshi Casino

Oshi Casino has excellent offerings in the form of 3D slots and other games. DAMA N.V. backs it Curacao licenses it. Oshi Casino is available in various languages. Software providers like Play N Go, NetENT, etc. support it. Oshi Casino came into existence in 2015.

Some of its salient features are:

  • The welcome bonus is 0.003 BTC, including 250 free spins.
  • Wide range of games, including poker, table, slots, and others.
  • It gives special bonuses to VIP club people.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • It accepts multiple payment options and fiat currencies, such as AUD, CAD, etc.
  • Supported by SSL encryption technology.
  • It uses two-factor authentication.
  • Fast withdrawal.
  • Customer service is excellent. It  is supported by email and live chat.


Playamo has marked its presence in the bitcoin casinos industry. Curacao licenses it via SoftSwiss. It is available in multiple languages like English, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Russian, and German. Top-tier software providers like Pragmatic Play, NetENT, Microgaming, etc support it.

Features of Playamo are:

  • The welcome bonus is 1.25 BTC plus 200 free spins.
  • 2000+ games are there, including slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and live games.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether.
  • Other payment methods are also available, like Skrill, Neteller, and others.
  • It supports 2-factor authentication.
  • Supported by software providers such as Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, EGT, etc.
  • Fast withdrawal.
  • Customer service is excellent.


Casinoin is an abode to 2000+ games backed by multiple software providers like Evolution Gaming, Habanero, NetENT, etc. Reinvent N.V. owns it and Curacao licenses it. A punter can find various games such as virtual games, table games, live casinos, and others.

Some of its features are:

  • Welcome bonus is 100% that is 1BTC along with 50X wagering requirements.
  • 2000+ games available such as Good Girl Bad Girl, Vikings go Berzerk, Spina Colada, Mines of Gold, Wolf Hunters, etc.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others.
  • Other banking options are available such as NeoSurf, Skrill, and others.
  • It uses a random number generator.
  • Best software providers such as NetENT, Play N Go, Evolution Gaming.
  • Excellent customer service.


Casoo holds the license of Curacao eGaming. It is available in 9 languages, including English. Casoo has a unique loyalty program for its VIP players, and it hosts a deck of amazing games.

Its features include:

  • Welcome bonus is 100% up to €300, including 100 free spins.
  • Casoo features a great variety of games such as Blackjack, Classic Slots, Crypto, Live Casino, Mobile App, Roulette, Table Games, Tournaments, Video Poker, Video Slots, VIP Programme.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.
  • Multiple payment options are available such as visa, MasterCard, Neteller, etc.
  • Excellent customer service.


mBit is another name in the industry that supported bitcoin casinos in its initial stage to gain a position like today! Curacao licenses mBit. It supports multiple languages, so the punters from many countries can place their bets quickly.

Some of mBit’s salient features are:

  • Massive welcome bonus of 5 BTC plus 300 free spins.
  • 2000+ games, including progressive jackpots where you stand a chance to win millions.
  • Secured with SSL encryption technology.
  • You can get no deposit bonus as well – which is the best part of mBit.
  • You can earn around 0.01 BTC weekly through its loyalty program.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Tether.
  • Customer service is nominal.


This is the first casino on our list that has been using bitcoin for so long. Betchain holds Curacao’s license and has leading software providers like Ezugi, Amatic, Microgaming, and others. It supports multiple languages like English, German, French, and others.

Features of BetChain are:

  • Massive welcome bonus of 1 BTC along with 200 free spins.
  • 2000+ games that include Jackpots, slots, and live casino games.
  • Provably fair games – you can choose some games and check the fairness after the declaration of results.
  • You get no deposit bonuses and free spins.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, etc.
  • Customer service is good.

Bonuses at Bitcoin casinos

Bonuses Bitcoin casino

Bonuses at bitcoin casinos are offered the same way online casinos offer bonuses to their end customers. The only difference is that bitcoin casinos provide a significant and high bonus. A bonus is a reward that a bettor gets in place of the deposit he makes or other criteria such as staying for long in the site/playing for long hours, loyalty bonus, etc.

A punter gets the bonus in terms of a welcome bonus after their deposit, weekly cashback, loyalty points, bumper offers, tournament bonuses, and many more. A punter needs to read the terms and conditions. And make their first deposit or fulfill the requirement to avail bonuses.

Casinos offer welcome bonuses to attract customers. The welcome bonus or cashback can be massive up to 5 BTC.

Below are some most famous types of bonuses to learn from:

Free Spins at Bitcoin casino

Free spins are the best kind of bonuses that bitcoin casinos offer to lure the customers and benefit customers. One can get free spins with their first deposit or timely.

The different types of free spins that bitcoin casino offers:

  1. No Deposit free spin – These are some kind of welcome bonus that the bitcoin casino offers its customers. You sometimes get 150 free spins which come along with specific wagering requirements.
  2. Deposit-free spins – Bitcoin casinos give deposit-free spin along with the welcome bonus. Suppose Joel has deposited some BTCs into a bitcoin casino, and in return, he gets 1 BTC along with 100 free spins.
  3. Wagering free spins – These free spins come along with specific wagering requirements. This scenario vary from casino to casino. Sometimes, the wagering requirements are 50X. But, in bitcoin casinos, the wagering requirements are always more minor.
  4. No Wagering free spins – This is the best free spins one can get because the winnings don’t need to be lost. A punter doesn’t need to wager the free spins and can take the entire amount home.
  5. Mega Spins – A punter stands the chance of winning a considerable amount because of its feature. Mega spins have different sets of reels.
  6. Spin Cash – In this spin, the points that get accumulated over time gets converted into real cash. But, there are specific requirements like wagering that a punter must fulfill before withdrawing.

Cash Bonus at Bitcoin casino

You also know Cash bonuses as match-up bonuses. It is usually given to the punters at the time of their first deposit. If a person deposits 100 euros, he can receive 100% up to 100 euros or 150 euros. The same happens in bitcoin casinos, where match-up bonuses are massive, and punters can even get 5 BTC after depositing a few BTCs into the casino. Bitcoin casinos also offer free spins along with a cash bonus.

This helps the punter to have double the amount he had invested.

No deposit bonus at Bitcoin casino

No deposit bonus is a tremendous reward that any punter can get. However, to claim or withdraw it, a punter needs to initiate a payment as a deposit. Usually, bitcoin casinos don’t require high amounts of BTCs to be deposited compared to regular casinos. There are two types of no deposit bonus:

  1. Free cash – you get some money or BTC in your wallet, and you can claim it anytime you want after the deposit.
  2. Free spins – you get free spins, and with those free spins, a punter can earn some cash or BTC.

The main aim of no deposit bonus is to familiarize a bettor with the gaming platform.

Wagering bonus at Bitcoin casino

You must wager any bonus that you earn a few times before withdrawal. Usually, regular casinos have higher wagering requirements where punters lose the winning amounts as well. But, bitcoin casinos come with lesser wagering requirements. In bitcoin casinos, wagering requirements can be 10-30 times, depending on the site’s needs.

A bettor should always check the terms and conditions along with wagering requirements. The bitcoin casinos which we have mentioned on our site have significantly less or no wagering requirements.

No Wagering bonus at Bitcoin casino

You don’t require to wager the the bonus or free spins you’ve earned in no-wagering bonus. The whole bonus or free spins remain yours. You can withdraw it anytime you want. This type of bonus is the best of its kind. A punter doesn’t need to wait for the wagers to complete.

Mobile Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casinos on mobile

With the advancement of technology, casinos, in general, have gained a higher edge over others. A person doesn’t require to specifically login or place his bet through a laptop or desktop; bitcoin casinos have come up with mobile browsers or mobile apps to eliminate the hard work.

Most bitcoin casinos offer mobile versions of their site to punters so that unnecessary piling up of apps wouldn’t occur. According to a survey, many punters claimed that they didn’t have space in their mobile to download the casinos’ app. Hence, they ended up using other casino sites. Keeping this scenario in mind, most bitcoin casinos came up with their compatible mobile versions, including mobile applications. Therefore, the mobile versions can satiate the complete gaming needs and hunger of the punters.

Just make sure that you have a bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone to create a more manageable payment. However, it is very crucial to remember the private key even if you don’t have a bitcoin wallet app. The private key can then be entered into the mobile browser. A punter can easily place his bets.

Most mobile apps support iOS and Android phones. Mobile versions are compatible with safari, firefox, and chrome.

Pros with playing at a bitcoin casino on mobile

  1. Convenient and comfortable: You can’t carry a desktop everywhere, and it is always feasible to take a mobile phone when compared with a laptop. Mobile’s notification section helps you to keep pace with the game and never miss them again! The best part is – mobile fits under your pocket. You can bet from anywhere in the world with your comfort. It is tough to carry laptops in the washroom but, definitely not, a mobile phone 🙂
  2. Higher game range: You can get many game choices compared to regular casinos. Also, Casinos have designed certain games to fit mobile phones’ screens. You can experience the real V.R. with mobile versions even.
  3. Less investment: If you plan to place a bet at brick-and-mortar casinos, you would need to travel and pay the necessary tax. You can spare the travel investment with online casinos. But, you won’t have to worry about tax with bitcoin casinos. Some mobile bitcoin casinos have special offers for the punters who play via their mobile app or browser.
  4. Anonymity: Your username and password remain anonymous. Nobody and not even the casino would know you until and unless you disclose it.


Casinocoin logo

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are loved because of their extensive usage. Meanwhile, on the other hand, online gambling industry has specifically designed for the online gambling industry. So, a newbie or any other person, for that matter, might not be aware of this concept.

You can easily buy CSC through any of the CSC or Casinocoin exchanges. Some of the most famous CSC exchanges are NUEX and STEX. Since it is designed in the year 2017 only through Ripple technology, it is cheaper at present. However, with CSC will grow exponentially in the near future!

Also, it should be noted that there are very few casinos that accept casinocoin as a payment method. Let dive deeper into the concept of casinocoin!

What is Casinocoin?

Casinocoin is a currency that doesn’t have any physical appearance – which means a person can’t touch it like fiat currencies. It is a digital currency just like any other cryptocurrencies, but with a more specific target audience.

As it suggests by its name, Casinocoin works in the regulated online gambling industry. A punter would experience fast transactions, zero fees, and many other benefits with a Casinocoin.

Ripple blockchain technology is prevalent in the market, and Casinocoin was developed upon it. Thus, the transactions are super fast and very secure. One requires no time and zero fees!

Benefits of Casinocoin

CSC or Casinocoin is a good investment. Though it is not as popular as bitcoin, it would turn out to be a ray of sunshine on a rainy day for online gamblers. According to various studies, casinocoin would overtake fiat currencies in the online gambling space shortly.

Below you can see some of the other benefits of Casinocoin.

  • The transaction fee of Casinocoin is way too lesser than any cryptocurrencies in the market.
  • Casinocoin is completely secured due to AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer).
  • Since it is under Ripple blockchain technology – which acts as a bridge between decentralized and centralized currencies.
  • “Bankroll manager” is its own wallet, so a punter wouldn’t have to use any cryptocurrency’s wallet.
  • Your transaction with casino coin happens over the blink of an eye.
  • The sign-up process becomes easy.
  • It is working towards the regulated online gambling market. Hence, it holds utmost transparency.

Bitcoin casino USA

USA bitcoin casinos fall under the grey area as the power of making it legal or illegal lies at the states’ hands. However, no such law prohibits individuals from placing their bets at bitcoin casinos in the USA.

USA Bitcoin casinos are entirely secured and safe as bitcoin is termed global currency, not centralized. Nowadays, many American punters have started placing their bets over USA bitcoin casinos.

Major benefits of USA bitcoin casinos are:

  1. Anonymous: USA bitcoin casinos offer you complete anonymity. Even if a punter is based out in a gambling restricted state, he can easily place his bets and remain completely anonymous.
  2. Speedy Transactions: The transactions at USA bitcoin casinos are very fast, be it deposit or withdrawal.
  3. Low deposit amount: An American punter can even deposit 0.0001BTC in USA bitcoin casinos. This is way too lesser than any other casinos.
  4. Provably Fair: Same as other BTC casinos globally, USA bitcoin casinos also use probably fair mechanisms to support fairness in the games.
  5. High bonus: Generally, USA online casinos don’t offer as high bonuses as USA bitcoin casinos do! You can earn up to 5BTC as your welcome bonus in any of the USA bitcoin casinos.

What to look at while selecting the best USA Bitcoin casino?

Though USA bitcoin casinos are having an advantageous position over others. There are certain factors that one must consider before selecting the best:

  1. Choose the USA bitcoin casino which accepts other cryptocurrencies and other payment methods as well.
  2. Check for the variety of games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and others in any USA bitcoin casino.
  3. A punter should always look for the license as it helps him analyze the casino’s responsibility.
  4. Usually, USA bitcoin casinos offer a massive welcome bonus but always check the wagering requirements. So that you don’t end up losing your earned income.
  5. Customer support should have everything that is Chat, email. Most importantly, should respond within no time.
  6. Last but not least – the customer reviews should be average and a mixture of good and bad. If more bad reviews are there, you might want to check out other USA bitcoin casinos.


There is no point in paying the extra cash in fiat currencies when you have bitcoin casinos! Though bitcoin has grown 10X over the years, a few casinos don’t accept bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. However, with bitcoin’s fast growth, one can ascertain that bitcoin casinos will excel in the gambling industry!

Prolifically, now that you know about bonuses, fees, payment methods, bitcoin wallets, etc. It wouldn’t be hard to select the best bitcoin casino from the list above.


What is a Bitcoin casino?

It's an online casino that accepts Bitcoin as payment, for both deposits and withdrawals. Often a Bitcoin casino also accepts other types of cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Litecoin

Is it legal to play at a bitcoin casino?

Yes, if they have a casino license. Though bitcoin casinos' legality is still facing a grey area, no law prohibits placing a bet or playing at bitcoin casinos. Bitcoins are just decentralized currency that is being used to stop the usage of middle parties. However, bitcoin casinos should have all the necessary licenses, such as Curacao, to operate responsibly.

Can I play at Bitcoin casinos in the USA?

Yes, you can play at bitcoin casinos in the USA. Bitcoin casino USA offers varied and high bonus amounts, a variety of games, and a lot more.

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

One needs to check everything right from the bonuses to game range and withdrawal process - to find the best BTC casino. Our site has done the guesswork and listed the top 10 BTC casinos that fulfill all the criteria. You can choose amongst those and place your bet today! Always ensure to select the BTC casino, which comes with higher bonuses and low wagering requirements.

How do I make deposits with Bitcoin at a Bitcoin casino?

Depositing at any bitcoin casinos is very easy and one of the best modes of transactions. Bitcoins are entirely secure and safe because the transactions are maintained in a public ledger. Below are the steps to deposit at a bitcoin casino: 1. Get your currencies exchanged to cryptocurrency - Bitcoin 2. Register at the bitcoin wallet and get a public key, including a private key 3. Always keep your private key handy because it can't be retrieved once missed 4. Go to your favorite BTC casino 5. Hover over the payment page 6. Select bitcoin and type in the amount you want to deposit 7. Deposit the amount through your public address 8. Start playing the games at your favorite BTC casino

Can I get a bonus at a Bitcoin casino?

Yes, the bonuses and promotions at BTC casinos are much higher than any other casinos. Also, most BTC casinos offer free spins along with bonuses. A punter can get 1 BTC to 5BTC is his welcome bonus.

What is a Casinocoin?

Casinocoin is also a digital currency that doesn't have a physical outlook or appearance. There is a thin line difference between cryptocurrencies and Casinocoin - the casino coin is incorporated for the regulated online gambling industry. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are known as global currencies and can be used worldwide

Does Bitcoin casino offer bitcoin slots

Yes, it does, and slots are the most played and popular games on bitcoin casinos. You can find many bitcoin slot machines and video slots.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted at crypto casinos?

It depends from casino to casino. But the most widely accepted cryptocurrencies at crypto casinos are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc.

How do I withdraw my winnings at a Bitcoin casino?

Withdrawal takes very little time in any of the BTC casinos. Below are the steps for withdrawal: • Go to the withdrawal tab in your BTC casino • Give the address in the withdrawal section of your bitcoin wallet • Type in the amount equivalent to BTC that you desire to withdraw • The transaction will take place, and it will be recorded under a public ledger

Does Bitcoin casino offer live games?

Yes, there is a deck of live games available at many BTC casinos. With the leading software providers like NetENT, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, etc., a punter doesn’t experience any lag or glitches.